Biography: Zikang (Tony) Wang

Zikang Wang (Tony) is a current sophomore and clarinet major student at Cleveland Institute of Music, where he is currently studying with Mr. Franklin Cohen. A native of Chengdu, China, Tony graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy at 2015, where his previous private teacher was Mr. Emil Khudyev. When Tony was ten years old, he started to learn clarinet with his first private teacher Mr. Kai Zhen, who became his personal mentor. Mr. Zhen was inspiring not only in Tony’s music, but also in his life as a musician.

Tony’s music dream is to become the most famous clarinetist in the world. If he could have a job tomorrow, he would like to be a clarinetist for an orchestra.

In his free time, Tony likes to read fiction and, occasionally, spend a few hours on watching movies. He also likes swimming, bike riding, and playing video games with his friends.